My Story

In case your wondering i’m writing this again as wasn’t happy with the Blog i had just previously done but that’s all good.

It’s me all me Lol.

Im excited in one way as i get to share my life of experience in sports, health and nutrition, do i believe that i’m an expert with it no not really what i do have is over 50 years of knowledge experience with sports training, the highs and lows that go with it…i also have one off those body’s that smell a pizza from a hundred yards away and put on a kilo Lol so i spread and thin all the time if i get lazy or make excuses with watching my health daily, and i believe it’s the age thing..HaHaHa excuses o well part of life as a human.

In my early 30s Pre-season Training for AFL.

My achievements in sports.. ( started Australian Rules Football at the age off 8 – started competitive swimming around 12 represented WA in the state team around 14,15,16 years old – Played Baseball again got in the state team for under 16s, 17s, and 18s..did boxing for fitness for quiet a few years, found the love off surfing, so i decided to play AFL in season and surfed all year around. I played my last game of AFL at 42 years of age we played a Grand Final lost by 2 points but the body could not keep up with the rigours training sessions followed by games on Sunday.. So i started coaching before i retired had a few years with doing that and have carried it on for the last 25 years. I also decided to better my self in a passion that i have loved for so many years, went back to Uni got my diploma in Sports – Nutrition – Psychology – Strength and Conditioning level 1 & 2 – High Performance Coach level 1 & 2 – Development Coach Level 1 & 2 – I also did courses with the technique of running and weight lifting … by leasing a gym and athletic track i coached elite athletes in there sports on the off season and Pre-season before the competitions started loved it.

Saturday morning session at the gym with some of the athletes.

Id like to share my experiences and knowledge of my life in sports and weight programs, health & fitness – i certainly believe i have so much to offer, with this some will be right some will make you think and query some will be off your target and philosophy’s.. But thats good it’s a great way of learning, ask questions might not have the right answers, share your triumph’s in sports or the loss of incredible amount of weight 40.kilos.. Tell me what works and might not work for you and how you achieved your goals & dreams, and what your targets are now…I believe the way you learn is – Listen and read – out off a 10 minute conversation with a person at the game or gym you will walk away with 1 small or large point that you just learnt..Looking forward to the Journey with you and enjoying another part of me to learn from people all over the world.


Blink & Life Changes – Again.. Is It For The Better Or Worse.

That has to be a great question i ask my self, and one i’m looking at seriously.

In the last two weeks i have had some offer’s were i seriously think about them.. One was becoming a life coach.. in doing so it was a two year course which is not a problem even though time is virtual to me Hahaha.. As i looked into it i was amazed at the price structure, amazed is not the word id say fall of the seat in really.. like really it was $125.00 a week $500.00 a month 12,000 dollars for the course and extra so around sixteen thousand dollars. Yea ill just rob a bank.. Mmmmm it’s out of my price range.

Then i looked at be coming a security officer and doing the course, the cheapest eight hundred dollars one week course, so i rang a few company’s asked the question.. if i get my ticket can i get a job, answer – if you have experience no problem.. Mmmm thats why i’m prepared to do my ticket because i have 20 years experience i mean again really do the course for 800 and then sit and look at my ticket.

In this development situation of a man that really docent know which way to turn so what does one do, I decided to surf the net for answers 2 hours later i come across a Gym for sale which is’n any thing unusual there are all ways gyms for sale starting around two hundred thousand an up to around quarter a million.

If you were to spot this you would ask the same thing.. so i asked the question that can’t be right surely so i did some investor gating and yes through some really serious home work.. I ended up catching up with the owner that has the gym on the market.

I don’t like of the idea of being to straight forward to a point and after a brief chat of 3 hours, the asking price is $40.000 all stock, equipment, office furniture with computer’s, printer’s, logo’s, and the best one to the gym all data of 123 fully payed clients with the potential of another 500 on data, 3 corporate company’s for corporate fitness 1 year full lease with the option of two automatically added on with no rise in that period.

Through this i have spoke to the accountant who has all the figures in front of him and the lawyer is going over every thing, well a couple things i’m looking at is back into full time work, gives me something to work for and i love doing what i do best working with people with getting my life back on track.. now i play the waiting game to see if it’s the change in my life again, Ahah it’s worth waiting.



Had A Fat Time.

Kado cut loose on the 5.4 Kilometre Track

Such a great day today why waste this that was my philosophy an a good one at that.. Yes you guessed it grabbed the little fellow Kaiden loaded up the ute and off we went to the Kalamunda Mountain bike track’s but before hand checked bikes with tyre pressure brakes, gearing with the chain on secure.

The track is challenging at 5.3 Ks we went on the advanced easy which there is 5 tracks ( easy, advanced easy, advanced, hard and extreme which is more for the guys that race and looking to get into the professional side off the sport.

The track has a lot quick sections, turns, jumps long and fast bends it certainly makes you concentrate with do i go for it or don’t.. mmm it’s funny the man come out in me today Haha I wasn’t going chicken out or go slow with my eight year old grandson with me.. the funny part about it he was right up my back tyre pushing me to go quicker.. Love it.

In saying this if you are looking at a way of adding a program to your Health and Fitness. Mountain bike riding at a designed track is certainly a great way to get your fitness, heart pumping really working the whole body which you do.. legs, hips, arms, core, stomach and the butt Lol.. it was quiet amazing when we finished and i analysed the ride.. A great way to get fit and kick starting to a healthy sport.. Mountain Bike Riding in the bush excellent.


Perth Is Sports Mad This Weekend. Lol

Optus Stadium the home of sports in Perth W.A

West Coast Eagles V Melbourne.

Tonight we start of with A.F.L Australia’s number 1 sport.. it is certainly our biggest sport when comes to crowds, coverage, media exposer, the most talked about sport in any hotel, at work, haven dinner with your friends or family, even more so since the A.F.L.W.F has taken it to another level and if any thing the best thing ever done for the sport.

Tonight the West Coast Eagles are playing Melbourne which should be a brilliant game of football they’re excepting 60,000 full house for this clash go Eagles, smash them Hahaha.

Perth Glory V Sydney Olympics G.F

Sunday we have our home team in the Australia nation Soccer competition Perth Glory taking on Sydney Olympic , this is a sell out crowed of 60,000 and i’m so glad for Soccer Australia and the sport it’s self to get such great support and especially in Perth who saids we don’t love all sports. Go the GLORY.

This game will have such a brilliant atmosphere as we have literally thousands of soccer fans that are devoted to a team some were in Europe the world of Soccer that might not go to regular games but show the support to the local team when it comes to the big game’s.

Sunday Morning H.B.F Fun Run.

They call it a fun run of 15 kilometres of treachery hills and roads from the City (Perth) to City Beach with all fully paid runners of all ages 70.000 Keen to run, walk, get pushed in a wheelbarrow for what ever way to be a part of something that is one off the biggest sporting events on the calendar every year..I wish every one a great run and enjoy what is truly something to see and be a part off.

You Are A Disgrace To Australia And One Of The Best Sports In The World Tennis.

Sorry Nick i used to support you and think if we keep given you the chance you will improve and play great Tennis as You are so Capable of beating the best in the world when you are on song.

But your last dummy spit is a disgrace to the sport of Tennis to the players that play at world level and to your self, more than any thing you are truly a disgrace to Australia and our values in sports especially at world level.

The world Tennis Body of Tennis should throw you out off tennis for 12 months plus fine you for one hundred thousand dollars plus, and as much as i know you can play tennis and you might have problems but enough is enough… never play for Australia in the Davis cup again and be thrown out of Australian Tennis… Once or twice maybe but 10 plus with your dummy spits is enough we as a country have had enough of It Nick.

To The World Of Sports Have A Great Weekend In Playing Or Following The Sport You Love.

Go Eagles – Go Glory –


Salmon + Cube’s Of butter, garlic,lemon cooked at 170% 20.minutes = Heaven.

I went into the store today knowing i wanted something different, unique, licking lips material.. i bumped into the lady behind the counter that i think is Mmm leave it there.. I want something different something that i go WoW THAT WAS EXCELLENT.

Beautiful counter Lady..I have a great idea if you are keen and you will really enjoy it.

Me.. know worries id like to change up and try something different.

B.C.L.. Its called bag and bake.. she grabbed a nice piece of Salmon, 4 pieces of garlic, butter,lemmon crushed into good size big ice cubes disappeared into the back, came back with it sealed, and you could see the cubes were spread evenly back and front, she said the instructions are on the back, please let me know what you think.

Me.. thank you beautiful Lady behind the counter.. and off i wailed thinking that was so good with the effort and services was excellent.

Look at the texture of that piece of salmon.

Put in the oven on 170% layed the bag down across the grills in the oven cooked for 22 minutes.. cooked brown rice with a touch of olive oil..served with a few chillies to add some spice and tang.. several european olives..with a pinch of sea salt.

= Heaven. Mmm Heaven.


This Is My Journey Of Life.

As i read through many blogs and articles it’s interesting how Life is such a big and good subject and why not it’s your’s for a life time. But it’s your creation of how you live life and go through life.

Life can be surprising challenging in so many ways, only so many people believe that life is run free with no problems as they say smooth sailing.

I have found through the years i have got to go deep to find the strength to keep going, there was a time were i had a piece of rope at a good length with many trees around me to pick from.. it was the constant words of … Hey Dad …with those two words it helped me find the strength to start over again.. I don’t know if it was selfish of poor me but i didn’t see the big picture some times and that was the 2 kids in my life. But that is one experience i find helps me when i’m down which is of fewer times since then.

Life is a Journey with so many lessons on the way, it has its fulfil meant , joy of happiness, rewards, every day is a challenge in some little way with the good and bad.

The biggest challenge for me with the journey in front of me is my age.. and that’s not through what i have it’s what i haven’t in life.

I class my self very lucky in ways as i have two great adult kids, a fantastic son in law with the best grandson in my eyes with a close family a truck load of friends, we live in a 5 bedroom house with two bathrooms two lounge rooms and good size yard with neighbours wouldn’t even know we live as no ones annoys any one in our area if any thing we annoy them Lol.

With me it’s the inconsistent flow of work that creates a weekly wage so i can keep moving ahead, getting knocked back at interviews because of the age, the days of what you can offer through the experiences in the work force have gone, it’s the cover of the old wrinkled book in front of them that confines if you start, the loneness i find in my heart and haven a person to share and be a part of their life were i find the journey in this stage of my life very hard.

All is not bad i have worked with amazing people at the highest level i all so have coached some brilliant athletes in watching them gain professional statue.. i have experienced helping people on the streets, homeliness, given kids direction with paths to follow in creating their journey, part of mine is helping and guiding people with there lives which is a good thing, there fore have no problem on the journey as i take people with me.

As i conclude my journey it’s pretty good there are people that are worse of than me, i feel i know what i had and what i want is simple companionship, love, friendship some one to cuddle and have a coffee with and if i gain nothing else id be a happy man as a mate you can’t take your assets with you when life has finished.

I can say there are so many good blogs, and poems written on the article of life the meaning of life, with so much meaning to the words written by a lot of you, the question i ask have you ever sat down and really thought were you are and were you are going what you have and don’t have. Maybe as we get older you understand more thats around you and appreciate the simplest things with your journey, on the understanding when your journey is completed the day we get lowered into the ground has been it completed with what you accomplished in life.


Years Have Flowen.

A young boy with so much sprit.

Monday the thirteenth of May was my sons birthday and as usual he has a great night, and that was with water it was just the company that was they’re id say.

It’s funny as a parent sometime through the night you sit back and look at your kids on there day and remises were the years have gone and how they have turned out as your child.. your child.. As parents we model our kids from the day they’re born until we die, how do i mean model them.

I believe our up bring can effect as they grow of the three forms of life.. Kids, Teens and adults. As parents we can not make the decisions they make in life with the path of life, but we can suggest and guide them help, with their mistakes and praise the goals they have achieved in life.

Wade was such a happy kid.

What have i done to make me feel my two kids are great people and can be good role models for young Kaiden. This is were we come in as parents, like i said we can’t make a lot of descions for the kids, but what we can teach them is ( respect, manners, love, appreciation, friendship, give, take )..have good morals with the understanding that every one has different personality’s with thoughts in the meaning of life..put challenges in front of you but make them accountable to success..move forward with every failure.. i see as one of the most important of all with every thing we say and do.. Be You Don’t Be Any One Else, Just Be The Person That You Are.

I sit in my office looking at some photos of my kids and especially Wado so proud of were he is in life and how he looks at life with his dreams, goals and ambitions, the way he loves his family and a very devoted friend to any one that crosses his path. Do we as parents take that credit for the way our mould has turned out.. Na we take some credit but when it comes down to it we teach, suggest, help with directions.. show love and guidance be there for them.

Then our kids make there choices, directions set their goals pick the friends, establish a partner that will grow with them, as my daughter, son and Dallas with whom has lived under the same roof with me for 9 years so i call him a son, but the three of them have shown they are great teachers when comes to Kaiden the way the teaching of life is put across to him.

As a parent i learn all the time bringing up my kids even at the age of 31 & 28 do i say that i was a brilliant, out standing, extradionady.. No way far from it made mistakes said things i have regretted made choices in my life that effects their life in some way, what i do know i get better as i grow and if i’m prepared to listen i learn off them, what i have done is the power of love and bond as a parent and their best mate, through this it makes me so proud to be called their dad, for me to say as the years have Flown they are my kids.


Happy Mother’s Day To All You Beautiful Mums Out There.

Yes i do really appreciate my Mum and so i should wow i wasn’t the easiest kid and got a bit harder as i got older, with experimenting with parties, alcohol, drugs, sex and rock and roll. Did not matter if i was good or bad and sometimes over the top mum was there to support me all the way, even today she rings me and saids… O hello i’m looking for my son have you seen him at all Lol i try to ring once a week drop in once a fortnight to say hello to mum an dad.

Mum worked 3 jobs to help dad with the house when we were younger well really 4 jobs because she was all ways there for me my sister’s and brother as she is still there for us all at 81 Love Ya Mum and thank you for your Love, Friendship, Understanding, Support through good times and bad times, You never have criticised me or knocked me for any thing i take on in life.. just the words of a mother .. be careful, look after your self, and it will go well for you big son.. Big son love it Ribs and thank you for being such a great, awesome, brilliant mum to me for all these years and many many more to come.

Am i being a one eyed dad.. who cares.. Tara is a great mum so proud of her.

My daughter from the day she had Kaiden at the sweet age of 18 she has been right on top of being a mum, it’s her and Dallas up bringing that makes this kid a great awesome kid. Those two are so generous with there lives because every thing is for the boy, what i love and it’s the up bringing with him he is so thankful and appreciated of every thing that is put infront of him.. id say pop has a hand in there as well Lol… every one around Kaiden has a hand.. but Tara an Kaiden have a relationship and bond that you see mum and daughter’s have and i can really say i’m proud of the two kids as parents especially you Toots as a mother.

To all the mothers of the world.

Congratulations on being a mum it’s one off the hardest jobs as a parent your their for your kids happiness, hard times, good times, sadness, success, failures, and love but for what ever happens with your kids the mum is right with them to the day they pass away and i believe they are still with them in spirt watching over the greatest thing in a womens life being a mother.

Have a great day were ever you are in the world as a mother enjoy your special day with your kids.


I Was Asked.. WHY..

It’s the most simple words that can mean so much to people to me it’s a way of showing gratitude, respect, appreciation, loyalty and friendship. I say it for the simplest things and use those two words so much through the day and night, do i say it for impressing ( no ) i say it because i genially mean thank you for that.

I get asked why do you spend hours writing blogs, with people that you don’t know and would more then likely don’t care what you do.

It’s pretty simple i write blogs as i have learned so much with my writing and the way i write. My page is Lifeat60.. why do i write about my life and some times so deep with maybe too much information… that is an easy one to write about, seriously to easy from my point of view.

It’s a way of expressing my feeling of my life, a way i can express my heart and soul let things out.. One of the reasons is no one knows me besides one friend ( Matty ) that reads every blog all the rest don’t have the time or really don’t care. So with this i can write openly with my life of the experiences, Happiness, Sadness, Enjoyment, i can say love of 20 years ago Lol.. not now or the last 20 years Lol.. with all that it gives me a bit more understanding of my life.

I thank You Guys

For your support with my blogs and your advise with some of my blogs with all that are following me, you know who you are, the feed back that you give in improving my writing, what i do like is knowing that there is no nastiness, racist towards my articles, social media is being destroyed as it is to personal with comments made towards the simplest thing written. To me if you like it you show it if you don’t there is no evidence of that at all.

Believe it or not this is giving me confidence, a way to open up the way i feel and in one way meeting new friends through the world with the support and of those who follow my site.. Its no problem if i’m liked or disliked as ill never know what i do know is its letting me heal be open with my feeling and expression of life and more than any thing i’m learning so much in reading all the blogs of different subjects on every thing you all.. through what is used or we do in every day with life, learning through the world an it’s art off blogging and i thank you guys for that.


The Long Shot.

Every day of life you take a shot.. what sort of shot you take is your choice.. there are the short shot or commonly known as ( short odds ) then the one of a medium shot thats it’s still good odds known as a ( good punt ) with a lot of confindence, but a little risk involved.. The one were you take a big risk is the ( long shot ) it docent have to be money involved or put your house up on second mortgage.

A long shot is a big risk, do u succeed.. for the time and effort you put in.. do i make it with this one.. It is going to be my time and effort, how much is the key to your success.. can i except another failure if docent work or go the way i want it too.. how much money is it going to cost me.. and again my mates are and will what are doing.. Is it worth it ? An adventure involving great risk but promising a great reward if successful .. or a venture unlikely to succeed.

Another Ace is worth turning.

Short story.. I have had a lady that send me emails with invites, and information, on a career for nearly 2 years and that is being honest.. it’s with ( The Coaching Institute ) the one she wants me to study is a ( life coach ) i have even spoke to her on the phone several times and done 3 live seminars so i thanked her for the chance but i can’t do it, one reason is i can not sort out my fucking life so what good would i be to any one, i mean really a Life Coach thats looking at a way to end it Hahaha but she never gave up, once a month i would receive emails inviting me to a live seminar, have spoke to her again on the phone.

Well persistence is the key.. as it’s working i received an email last week, so i replied.. Sharon you want me to be a part off this you ring me direct and you talk to me.. Today i received that call of a conversation well over an hour, how my knowledge and experience’s in life are the best formulas to be involved as a life coach.

This how my life feels sometimes i’m swimming in a tank that i can never seem to find my way out.

Lets see, i was in the business with Hotels for quiet a few years, Management for a multi cleaning business for several years, took a long shot which payed off as a free lance sports photographer, Gardening & landscaping to fit in with as a single parent, been involved with sports all my life so took a punt as a High performance coach it payed good with something i loved all my life just went another level with it.

Cristian was writing about being successful or a failure on writing books or blogs how you keep bouncing back up on your feet and keep writing. So i’m looking at two new things to my life.. Writing novels thanks to Gabriela Pereira, blogs thanks to Cristian, and i’m prepared to do the course and study with Sharon Pearson off The Coaching Institute, i believe i can in corporate years of studying sports, nutrition and life as a Life Coach.

What i have to learn is how to love me for who i am and what i am with the this i thank Emma for your support and advise on how to achieve this in life. I know my people skill are very good and for some reason it seems to be at another level with the 12 year olds to the 25 don’t know what it is with the interaction i have with people but what ever it is i just keep improving it and with this it’s getting stronger in the communicating and understanding the wright side with people of most ages.

To Day

Was a strange day in some ways, again i didn’t have a shift so i did the usual got up with a nice milk coffee, i use that as a breakfast fulfil meant it’s not the best, but one shouldn’t hurt. Answered my emails read all the blogs from the night, payed bills, wrode up to the shops and back around 7 kilometres decided to got to the movies. I walked in with around 5 minutes to go before the movie started out of 180 seats i was the only one there.

Yes i was on my own at the movies, i saw a movie called A Long Shot pretty good i’m glad i was the only one there as i had my feet up and sprawled back in the seat with tears rolling down my cheek knowing that i was going to take another long shot after 2 certain emails and 1 phone call life is going to go another direction for the good or bad, happiness of success, tears for the failures, smiles for knowing i’m going to bounce back, Now i know why i’m still single Lol.