My Story

In case your wondering i’m writing this again as wasn’t happy with the Blog i had just previously done but that’s all good.

It’s me all me Lol.

Im excited in one way as i get to share my life of experience in sports, health and nutrition, do i believe that i’m an expert with it no not really what i do have is over 50 years of knowledge experience with sports training, the highs and lows that go with it…i also have one off those body’s that smell a pizza from a hundred yards away and put on a kilo Lol so i spread and thin all the time if i get lazy or make excuses with watching my health daily, and i believe it’s the age thing..HaHaHa excuses o well part of life as a human.

In my early 30s Pre-season Training for AFL.

My achievements in sports.. ( started Australian Rules Football at the age off 8 – started competitive swimming around 12 represented WA in the state team around 14,15,16 years old – Played Baseball again got in the state team for under 16s, 17s, and 18s..did boxing for fitness for quiet a few years, found the love off surfing, so i decided to play AFL in season and surfed all year around. I played my last game of AFL at 42 years of age we played a Grand Final lost by 2 points but the body could not keep up with the rigours training sessions followed by games on Sunday.. So i started coaching before i retired had a few years with doing that and have carried it on for the last 25 years. I also decided to better my self in a passion that i have loved for so many years, went back to Uni got my diploma in Sports – Nutrition – Psychology – Strength and Conditioning level 1 & 2 – High Performance Coach level 1 & 2 – Development Coach Level 1 & 2 – I also did courses with the technique of running and weight lifting … by leasing a gym and athletic track i coached elite athletes in there sports on the off season and Pre-season before the competitions started loved it.

Saturday morning session at the gym with some of the athletes.

Id like to share my experiences and knowledge of my life in sports and weight programs, health & fitness – i certainly believe i have so much to offer, with this some will be right some will make you think and query some will be off your target and philosophy’s.. But thats good it’s a great way of learning, ask questions might not have the right answers, share your triumph’s in sports or the loss of incredible amount of weight 40.kilos.. Tell me what works and might not work for you and how you achieved your goals & dreams, and what your targets are now…I believe the way you learn is – Listen and read – out off a 10 minute conversation with a person at the game or gym you will walk away with 1 small or large point that you just learnt..Looking forward to the Journey with you and enjoying another part of me to learn from people all over the world.


Oils is Oils = Another Change = For The Better.

I just got home on another big swing and the weather is starting to warm up no worries about that jumped on the plane at 39 degrees, got into Perth at 18 degrees, where is my jumper Lol. Id have to say things change up there with your job as i do undies in which i change every day Haha but any way going to another level as a senior team leader as a T.c and roller operator which is good and a pay rise which is better.

Oils Is Oils = Changes In Life.

I seem to be tired and worn out when i get home for the first few days on a regular basis, My daughter suggested to try some Essential Oils that could help with different things, health, mind, soreness, tiredness and a few other things.. So i orders a pack before leaving and it’s here when i arrive home.

Essential oils are for use of cosmetic purpose, as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting Properties.Modern lifestyles don’t all ways create optimal conditions for physical wellness. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and over abundance of environmental toxins can leave the body unbalanced and diminish energy levels, that fits me pretty good Lol.

I know they work and yes if you are prepared to put some effort into it the beneficiary for you. What i’m looking for is if im going to put in the hard yards to benefit as well in life where i can keep doing it but enjoy doing it, to help rediscover peace, balance and joy in life. To do this you have to take stock of your life. So to make this work i need to start looking at and think about the way i eat and what i drink it’s called be Mindful Of What You Eat And Drink…. pretty easy to say but in reality this is what is needed to be successful and get proper use with the Oils.

You are a living Magnet. What You Attract Into Your Life Is In Harmony With Your Dominant Thoughts.

Brian Tracey.

Two things define you. Your Patience When You Have Nothing, And Your Attitude When You Have Everything.



Will see how i go with this… or what i need to do is give it a real go and no EXCUSES IN LIFE.

A Bit Lost With The Art Of Dating.

It’s funny I have been out of the dating game for so long, it has turned into a challenge of what I’m doing right or wrong or what are today’s women are looking for with men as there partner .

I find myself as a good man, I have good morals in life I’m one that understands and works on the way I approach people and the communication side of life with people of all ages.

With these sites you put up as in your profile, a bit about yourself as in personality, life philosophies, the good and bad and what your looking for in a partner long term short term with the trimmings included, weight, height, religions, eyes, do you drink or smoke hates an Likes want or don’t want kids, just about everything except how big your little mate is hahaha.

I sort of look at it there is only so much you can tell about yourself I believe before you become a wanker, yes give enough information so they can paint a picture off you.

Ok I have done the procedure an put up some photos, nothing to hide I’m me with up too date photos haha. I have had likes, messages and a few request for more information. But this is we’re i get confused I have had a few ladies get my contact details to chat to me on the phone and get to know me better, and then nothing and I mean nothing haha.

So what am I confused about haha that’s an understatement if I ever said one in life. What is the confusion? What are today’s women looking for in men and dating, seriously to find a lady that you could make something in the future of life is hard as I’m not sure what they want.

I have never abused women in any way or mis treated them as my Ex has said I did nothing to her in any way for her to leave me, she just didn’t want to be there any more with a man that treated her like a lady.

I’m not going to loose sleep over it, but what I’d like to know the big Question…What Do Women Want, What are there conceptions of a good man, I’d admit I’m not perfect but I’d make a good man to be a part of in anyone’s life.


Thank you…

Just got the right day..
What can I say..
It’s one of those days..
I was in awe off the land that was presented to me..

When your site manger said’s to you disappear great job you do what he commands haha. And what a great way off doing it.

Thanks Boss much appreciated.. I love this piece of land in Australia..Thank you Pilbara..


Sunday Quotes..

I just like to write how i really feel at the time of writing and i do feel i can be honest with my feelings, as i do believe these thing happen for a reason whatever way we look at it.

I’m not Single I’m not taken I’m simply on reserve for the one that deserves My heart.

I know what i bring to the table.. So trust me when i say i’m not afraid to eat Alone.

Being single is just a status, Not destiny.



To Me, being successful means being a kind, genuine, good hearted open minded person.

Sometimes the advice we tell other people is the advice we need to Follow.

Do i believe that i have no mistakes to my personality or the person i am.. No far from it what i do is work on my mistakes i have made in my life to be a better person. I ask a question every now and then, am i happy for who i am and where i’m going, we’re do i want to go, and want to be as a person. There are no simple answers to life or simple advise, but there are suggestions and advice through different means and ways of life, but at the end of the day we as an individual and a person need to work on the way we want to be as a person, no one else can model us besides yourself.

You can’t change what’s done, you can’t go back in time. All you can do is learn from mistakes and be a better Person.


Catch Up..

Some were along the line we all ways say I need to catch up with him, her, or them and some were along the line we seem not too for one reason or another. Well I’m making a point of effort to do so, I started with going to watch a game of AFL with a club I had a lot of years coaching and working with as development & skills coach, all so coaching colts getting them ready for seniors for the future of the club.

A great bunch of young men that were so good to be a part of for 4 years.

I haven’t seen these boys play for a few years for one excuse or another just didn’t get their and my new position makes it easy not to get their..Hahahhah . Can I say I’m so glad I made the effort had such a great day, it was a final, loose season is over win into the GF, massive crowd on a stunning Perth day and the football was so good to watch both teams very even.

I was standing in amongst some of the crowd and I hear a name haven’t heard for a few years, Lardy how are ya mate,,Mmm that’s the name I haven’t heard for the AFL programme everyone is named by nick names haha and mine was Lardy which I carried for over 40 years Lol Another story Lol.

Second group of boys again brilliant to be a part off.

The great thing with sports are the people you meet and the characters you get to know with the friendship that can last for ever and that is from amateurs to the professional level.

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.

It was a great day I caught up with past and present players, coaches, parents, kids their kids and many more, but it was the stories, the laughs , the memories, some sadness that turned into a great story.. the greatest part of the day it was genuine they were glad to see me and reminisce of the old days and talk about the future, but all so I was glad to be there and that I had gone down to the game with the opportunity of catching up with people that were a huge part of my life for many or short years knowing I had an influence some were along in their life..the boys lost by 2 points and it was a brilliant game to watch they will have a rest and start for next season in 6 weeks, for me I’m so glad I went down and I know there are a lot of great people to catch up with in my life.

Great friends. Are people you don’t need to talk to every single day. You don’t need to talk to each other for weeks, or months. But when you do, it’s as if you never stopped talking.


EveryOne Has A Story In Life..

I have found through out life even more now as i get older we all have a story in life that we have all been through from Happiness, Sadness, Love, Family, Ups & Downs and many more that some we’er along the line they have come and gone, that can have a follow on on could just stop with the story staying on the same chapter.

Your Life Is A Story What’s done is done Where it goes from here Is totally up to you. Write Your Own Ending.

With life i have learnt that we can change our story from one title to another, the way we present our face value or image of ourselves to friends, family, work as we grow through life. We can have an influence on people around us through our behaviour and the character we can develop with the right story in life.

One of our most mis Conclusions of judgement is the way we take the cover of every book that presents to us in front of every day meeting new people or working with them day in day out, before we know the introduction to their story as a person and who they are with there story, with this sometimes we never get to know that book for what they are. I know i can have that cover the way i present myself we’re people don’t want to know what i have to offer as a storyteller or how i can express my knowledge through my background and the wisdom of experiences that have taken place or transpired in my life.

When writing the story of your Life, Don’t let anyone else hold the Pen.

I found as i got older i was embarrassed not for who i was and how i presented myself to people but the smile was never to the way of expressing myself with happiness or happy to be with people, and i sometimes felt i was judged by my face with the half hearted smile, if i was to be honest teeth do make a difference with you as a person it’s basic and it’s called confidence, the feeling of belief in yourself.

I know my two kids have and still are writing their stories to there lives with many more chapters to write, but their story are ones that are worth reading as a person.. We’re my daughter has the most beautiful heart and a personality of quality that walks into a room with a glow that invites you to say hello and have a chat.. Were my son has had several stories to his life ones that he has grown into a man that is so well liked with great respect and he offers his knowledge of life in we’re he has been and where he is now, and one that as a dad i’m so proud of his and my daughter’s, with the grandkids starting to present there’s in life and one that will off great value in reading in the future..

Don’t let one chapter in your life define the rest of your life. The key is to learn from that chapter and re-write your own story.

Your life is an open book full of blank pages. You write the story as you go.

I believe i have so many more chapters to write, ones that will be of most interest, ones with a quick flick through, ones that could help or inspire one person to help with there’s, one of love ( i’m still trying to find the headline for that one Lol ) what i do know i hope one day ill be remembered for haven a good story one that was worth reading for many people throughout my life.


A Quick One Is A Good One…

Gods Country..

It was a very quick shift which was good in some ways,I looked forward to this it’s good to have a break from 3 an 1 for one swing.

Very spiritual part of Australia..

We’re starting to get into the warmer part of the year with the weather I had a week of 35 to 38 Degrees every day, again up there at the right time getting prepared for the hot weather coming in the 50’s haha Lol.

Being promoted on to the grader.

My company approached me last week with a promotion of going up the line on a grader, in small terms in this industry it’s a very good promotion. If I said I was really happy with this that would be an understatement for sure, as off now very happy being offered the position..going up the ladder is better than going down Haha.

On the last day of the shift I was hiding the fact that it was my birthday, thats a thing in life I don’t get excited about at all these day’s haha Mmm another story any way they got me with a big happy birthday and spoilt me with a few things I did not expected and that was the promotion a pretty good present at the ripe age of 62 haha I did enjoy the attention aha lol looking forward to the next swing.

A great way to say good night.

#Lifeat62. Lol.

Coffee Quotes For Today..

I have that missing feeling again it must be close to my birthday Lol.. LOVE.. now again this is coming from a guy that has not been in love for over 20 years so the question i ask … what do i know ?

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you !”

As I write that quote i sort of thought for a minute, if it was looking for me it didn’t look too hard to find me Haha Lol. They say that you will know when the time is wright and the feeling for it comes into your life is one of true enjoyment, that if anything is one piece of my puzzle that is still missing in life.

Be You. The world will adjust.

Live a simple life, doing what you Love.

I believe i’m just me i don’t try to be anyone else in life, my philosophy is just be me and people will take me for who i am.. To live a simple life is a very hard one into days society and world, especially the way the world turns so quick in many directions, what i try to do is make it simple by going the directions but making them to suit your life.

To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.

Robert Morley

I am me , nothing more, nothing less, and that is enough.

Harpreet M Dayal

I never really understood the meaning you have to love yourself before you find true love, i mean i have liked myself and were i’m going, and some times can’t stand me for who i am, but to love me i all ways found it really hard in some ways, were to day id say i don’t love me but are more comfortable in me and more confident with a smile haha Lol. That is basically take me for who i am not who you want me to be and i still believe people like me for who i am not what they want me to be.

I’d say that the meaning of true Happiness is when we are happy with Ourselves.

Yes you were born to be real not to be Perfect.

If any one says that they are perfect i’d say you are not true to yourself and your dreaming time to wake up.. no one can say that they are perfect we all have things that we need to fine tune..i’m 61 and forever trying to tune in seeing if i can be a good person to the people around me not perfect but but be the person i want to be.

Love and happiness are complementary, you cannot have one without the other and you get the best of them Together.

How did this become again talking on love for one that has not loved for so long, easy i blame my hairdresser Haha a beautiful lady as well as a good hairdresser, i walked into the shop to get my trim up of beauty as she calls it. She advanced towards me with the most beautiful smile and warmth, put her arms around me and said she was so happy for me as you are a beautiful man and deserved happiness..

Now to say that she is married and very i’ve been going there for some years now she has got to know me.. the whole thing is i realized how much i miss that warmth, cuddle, the smile of happiness for you and the beautiful scent of a true women.. i walked out of there happy but down so i have spent the last two days on my own Haha Lol.

It is not What You Are that hold you back, it is what You think You Are Not.

So i’m going in to something that i wouldn’t think i’d do but have, is it a sign of desperately looking for love, i don’t know what i’d call it but i have joined a dating site.. Mmmm o well see what happens at least i can smile.. lol.. if anything it is another adventure for one of 61 and looking for the art in to love and be loved.


What Are Our Values Of Life ?

My aunty and i were have’n a chat the other night through this the conversation come up on what are my values in life. I thought for a minute mine is pretty easy, knowing that i have done my best in bring the kids up with their lives and the love i have for them to me is so important.

Try not become a man of Success. Rather become a man of Value.

Albert Einstein.

Values can stand for so many things your Morals, Ethics, Character, Honor with many more that can be added to the list.. i look at Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Caring i believe they are ones that i have tried to work on most of my life

Living with strong values is important to help us grow and develop in life, they help us to create our future and the experience, they can help find your purpose make the right decisions, help increase our confidence, they can give us a good sense of purpose, fulfilment and happiness.

The major Value in Life is not what you get. The major value in life is What You Have Become.

Jim Rohn

I do believe at the end of it.. is what you have become as a person, I’d like to think the day that i’m getting buried that people remember me for the person i was which was a good man in so many ways with my personality, morals, philosophy of life in general, good principles, with what i valued in life.. all in all i had good values and carried them out through my life with family, friends, work mates and especially my kids and grandkids that’s the importance of haven good values in life to me.