My Story

In case your wondering i’m writing this again as wasn’t happy with the Blog i had just previously done but that’s all good.

It’s me all me Lol.

Im excited in one way as i get to share my life of experience in sports, health and nutrition, do i believe that i’m an expert with it no not really what i do have is over 50 years of knowledge experience with sports training, the highs and lows that go with it…i also have one off those body’s that smell a pizza from a hundred yards away and put on a kilo Lol so i spread and thin all the time if i get lazy or make excuses with watching my health daily, and i believe it’s the age thing..HaHaHa excuses o well part of life as a human.

In my early 30s Pre-season Training for AFL.

My achievements in sports.. ( started Australian Rules Football at the age off 8 – started competitive swimming around 12 represented WA in the state team around 14,15,16 years old – Played Baseball again got in the state team for under 16s, 17s, and 18s..did boxing for fitness for quiet a few years, found the love off surfing, so i decided to play AFL in season and surfed all year around. I played my last game of AFL at 42 years of age we played a Grand Final lost by 2 points but the body could not keep up with the rigours training sessions followed by games on Sunday.. So i started coaching before i retired had a few years with doing that and have carried it on for the last 25 years. I also decided to better my self in a passion that i have loved for so many years, went back to Uni got my diploma in Sports – Nutrition – Psychology – Strength and Conditioning level 1 & 2 – High Performance Coach level 1 & 2 – Development Coach Level 1 & 2 – I also did courses with the technique of running and weight lifting … by leasing a gym and athletic track i coached elite athletes in there sports on the off season and Pre-season before the competitions started loved it.

Saturday morning session at the gym with some of the athletes.

Id like to share my experiences and knowledge of my life in sports and weight programs, health & fitness – i certainly believe i have so much to offer, with this some will be right some will make you think and query some will be off your target and philosophy’s.. But thats good it’s a great way of learning, ask questions might not have the right answers, share your triumph’s in sports or the loss of incredible amount of weight 40.kilos.. Tell me what works and might not work for you and how you achieved your goals & dreams, and what your targets are now…I believe the way you learn is – Listen and read – out off a 10 minute conversation with a person at the game or gym you will walk away with 1 small or large point that you just learnt..Looking forward to the Journey with you and enjoying another part of me to learn from people all over the world.


Met A Man Out In The Middle Of Know We’re.

I’m driving 120 Ks from camp and i see in the distance a very small and lonely figure of a fragile of a man walking towards me, what was the strangest thing of the whole thing that he was dragging a big bit of luggage behind him.

So as you do being the guy i am stoped and asked are you ok ?.. With a smile he said i’m good.. What are you doing walking have you broken down with your car ?.. No i’m walking for the Lord.. Lord as in God ? Yes he answered with a smile..

Walk in obedience to all that the lord your God has commanded you,

so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that

you will posses.

He had walked from Bunbury which is south of Perth 3 hour drive on a good day. He had woken up one morning with a message from God that he needed to walk for him spreading the word of God.

I was amazed with this guy and his mission to God

He had walked 1,639.9 Km’s dragging that case, this had taken him 8 months to were i met him the other day. His journey to finish his quest had 2,758.1 Km’s to go in reaching Darwin. Now picture some of the harshest and rugged country in Australia or parts of the world, as stunning as it is, this country has taken a lot of people over the years through leaving their cars or trucks when broken down.

He explained to me that God provided his food and water on a day lie bases and that he was fine. Well he was not fine he had a bout 300 mil of water one orange and could visible’y see that he had no energy and didn’t look well at all, now on this day it was 48 degrees which in weather terms is very extremely hot and it had been for the last week between 44 an 48 degrees every day.

We gave him fruit, sandwiches and around 5 litres of water to help him out, the truck drivers and workers driving through all gave him supplies and rang the Pilbara Police and Rangers as the concern of being hit by a truck or car, with the chance of being bitten by a snake as there every were at the moment.

His believe in God and his purpose was quiet amazing for his mission was to finish the walk were he had to go to, so he hid for 2 days in the Pilbara rangers as he heard that authorities were looking for him, a tracker found him and he was taken back to Tom Price for a good bath and with a good meal which he looked like he could do with it.

I understand the strength of people and their believes in God, or just the different types of religion through the world, but all so it should not cost you your life, it might have or might not have with this man that was on a mission in spreading the word of the Lord Jesus.. All i know is he will do what authorities have requested to do un till he gets his chance to walk again for God.


The Up’s & Downs Of Fitness.

The Only Bad Work Out Is The One

That Didn’t Happen.


How true is that quote.. if words were ever said when you want to loose weight or just look good and you just don’t seem to get there for some reason.

Iv’e gone back to Mal’s Gym he has a really good and well run gym, and the atmosphere is excellent every one is there to do the same thing look after them selves.

I worked on top half of the body, biceps, shoulders, chest..

  • Triceps 3 sets – 7 reps 50 kilos.
  • Low row 3 sets – 7 reps 50 kilos.
  • Lat Pulldowns 3 sets – 7 reps 70 kilos.
  • Triceps pull downs 3 sets – 7 reps 40 kilos
  • Shoulder press 3 sets – 7 reps 50 kilos
  • Bench Press 5 sets – 5 reps 50 kilos
  • Triceps pull up 7 sets – 7 reps 40 kilos
  • Kettle bell – Russian swing & American swing 5 sets – 10 reps 16 kilos.
  • Squats just to stretch the legs and get back into the routine 60 kilos 5 reps 3 sets
  • Stretch down 15 minute same as starting.

Your Fitness Is 100% Mental.

Your body won’t go where your



Another classic quote, i should learn todo what i say Lol i do but not as regular and hard as i should but il keep working on it as for those who preach will eventually do it.

I enjoyed being back in the gym and i’m enjoying pushing the mental side of working out, and thats just getting there.


I learned Yesterday And Will Keep Learning Tomorrow.

Quotes For Today..

Never regret a day in your life.

Good days give you happiness

and bad days give you



Time decides who you meet in life,

your heart decides who you want in your life,

and your behaviour decides who stays in your


How True.

Not every one is meant to be in your future.

Some people are just passing through to teach you lessons

In Life.

By Life

When you’re up in life, your friends

get to know who you are.

When your down in life, you get to know who your friends



The Art Of Learning.

Life is not a problem at all to be solved but it can be a reality that will bring you experiences of every day in living. Try not to look at the situation in a bad way your reaction to it has the power too change the problem it’s self.

We’re learning something new every day. A mistake is your teacher, not your attacker, for every mistake it’s a lesson we learn not a loss. It can be a temporary detour to life not the dead end to life. I find through growing old we are learning something new every day, which is good i believe the day i stop learning is the day my family and friends are standing over my coffin.

I look at how far i have come and what iv’e been through, all the time i keep pushing even when i feel i couldn’t do it any more. The day’s i’ve got out of bed even when it was hard to face another day because i wanted to give up, but id get through that day and the next one. This was through getting up and facing my problems i learned and developed a way to be stronger with every situation put in front of me.

I have learned a lot about myself even if it doesn’t turn out the way i planned it. Yesterday i learned about fifteen men that have got out of bed to face their problems and stand face on to them, i all so learned that they have the desire to teach people on the street about God and what he can do for them because the Lord Jesus changed their lives for the better.

I learned that they are men like me that have been through so much in life with the opportunity to spread their experiences of good and bad into people lives that need that guidance and help in life... I thank them for the chance to meet them and understand were they are and have been but i also thank them for teaching me in beliefs for who you are and for what you are and you can teach that in the best of ways.

There will always be a reason why you meet people.

Either you need them to change your life or the one

that will change their’s.

I understand those men a bit more now as at first it caught me off guard as i haven’t experienced that side of life and hope i will never do so..What i do understand life can be so cruel but if you believe and work on changing it the rewards can be of greatness, i thank God for giving me the chance and letting me learn were i am today is for believing that i can change things through working towards the changes because i wanted too do so.


Saviour Of Men..The Belief Of God

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness..

That the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

( 2 Timothy 3:16-17;2 )

I caught up with a mate over the last few days in a small country town called Brookton around 180.Ks south east out of the city. Matty is a one of a kind as he just helps people in all levels of life and the difficulties that may be around around their lives personal, family, from homeless, domestic, drugs and alcoholics he’s there for them at any time or any place an amazing guy when comes to his belief in god and the way he can help people of all life through his belief.

Matty is a Pastor so is his dad, Matty did the 5 + 2 year course through an American University in councillor work, with the study of the bible to be a pastor or higher in the church. He doesn’t preach it on me or the kids but will talk about what he’s doing and the work he does, i have worked with Matty on the street’s and go to his men’s group youth programs, breakfast for the homeless so i know his work really well.

This group of men are on a mission too work and let people know the message from God.

Jesus said to him.

If you believe.

All things are possible for one

Who believes.

Mark 9:23

Last night and early this morning around 15 men congregated at Matty’s, we sat around the table had a bite to eat and every one of them explained how they felt through Jesus in their savour. Some of the testimonials were graphically explained of were they were in life as they were at the lowest of life through drugs, alcohol loosing every thing from multi dollar businesses, house and possessions to family and friends. I just sat quiet head down listening to every word of what these men had and been through life.

All of them had said and believed that when they were at the lowest point of life.. God had spoken to them, touched them to the road of savour. One man explained that he was an alcoholic a very angry one at that, one night he was standing in the lounge after taking his frustration out on furniture he raised his arms with ( God I need Help ) with in seconds he was sober standing there with confusion of what just occurred, has not touched a drop of alcohol since 1998 through what had just occurred.

There was some a mazing testimonials from broken backs mental depression, loss of family through sickness or bad choices they have made with drugs and alcohol but what made me very quiet was every one of them have been spoken to or touched from God but no one had said that they have seen God.

Two guys i was really listening to was Brett & Rod.. twins.. i grew up with them and lost contact for 33 years un till last night. Now the two boys then were very well established businesses men in the building game making huge money one step of millionaires. I all ways wondered what happened and were they had gone, when i heard there stories it blew me away as they never seemed to be at that level hid it very well with every one that knew them, but sooner or later it raises it’s ugly head.

Through being touched and spoken to from the Lord Jesus both of them are very well known Pastors in the South West were they put a lot of work into the communities with the country towns, Rod explained that Jesus had told him what he wanted him to do with being a follower and teaching people of all ages to follow the Lord.. Brett was given the message to help with his brother’s word of the lord.


Should not be in the wisdom of men,

But in the power of God.

– 1 Corinthians 2:5

These men are so much on a mission in spreading the word of God through the country region, were i feel it’s a good thing as country towns do need to have a belief and if it’s the word of God it is truly one of meaning and belief.

I’m not a person that will mis judge people at all for any reason and there belief they have in life, but what can you say when 15 men put it out in front of other men that half only met last night through an invite to help spread the word of God, put out some very heavy and graphic details of there testimonials how they were touched and shown a direction to teach the word of the Lord.

I am the Lord Your God

Who takes hold of your right hand and says to you,



-Isaiah 41:13

I do believe in God and read the bible when i want a bit of a lift or just with interest. I do believe that there are many unexplained events that happen around the world with different religions and followers of the spiritual world, but the last two days has really got me asking so many questions of the Lord Jesus, and God..

I’m so much on a confusion path lost would be the correct way of explaining.. i cant explain what i saw.. each man said their testimonials with so much passion and belief of being resurrection in life through being spoken to with the graceful touch of direction in life, i know what i saw and heard so much so that it really has upset my day and asking..

I am with you

and will watch over you

wherever you go.

Genesis 28:15

The question with God.. are you with me.. do you hear me when i pray and ask for your forgiveness, how do you work and what is needed to be spoken to by you or the Lord Jesus with the direction of life..

Was it a sign to meet all these men in the last two days and especially Brett & Rod, what i do know what i saw and heard has me asking so many questions with so many things in life, is what tho ears and eyes saw of the last two days really being done in getting once very honoured men brought back to teach the word of God.

Each one of these men have gone leaps and bounds in life with there work, family’s, friends set up their lives very well and have done for many years the message they have been given was that they would meet and take the lords message to the streets and help people in life with their lives.


Hair For Men Is At A Great Level.

I have noticed lately that men in so many ways have really started to take care off them selfs with they dress look and style of hair cuts.

Even for me i’m going back to the way i was a few years ago, taken more interest how i am as person in personalty, the way i dress, my appearance and the way i approach things with my philosophy of life.

I mentioned the other day with the young guy Reece the barber, well what i noticed in the shop all the guys really take pride in the way they look and it starts with their hair down.

The thing i really liked is the way Reece takes so much care in the cut and style for the client is asking..he could up to 40 minutes making sure it’s cut precise to the way they want it cut.. In all the time iv’e been there i haven’t heard one complaint with any cut and they keep coming back to him.

I have been different in so many ways through out my life but id say in one way at the moment id be the most content in so many ways but i feel i have a long way to go, as we all should do.. we are never perfect in life or our selfs… I’m glad i met Reece and really liked the way he treated my two boys and grandson was excellent … so Canada it’s certainly a good thing he is going there he will cut your hair with pride and look after you plus you will meet a good honest man in life.


Were Have They Gone..The Old Barber…Lol

The Only Way To Do.



What You Do.


And thats is how i see this guy with his work as a Barber he loves it.

Reece first started cutting my hair 9 months ago i was introduced to him through the Tex, Wado & Kado they have being going to him for sometime. I walked into the shop thinking i’m not sure if i’m in the right spot for my age (thats this old thing)Lol for he cuts hair which is around 30 years out of my time..Lol as in today’s fashion with the youth of today.

Reece made me feel so welcome as soon as i walked in acknowledge me straight away with a smile followed with a hand shake, take a seat mate wont be long. It’s funny it’s that gesture of a welcome that can make you feel very comfortable. The music is so good in the back ground followed by great conversations.

How do you explain this guy ( so easy ) he’s one of a kind and reminds me of me in one way that is so important in life..he can communicate really well with any age any nationality of life, that’s missing so much in today’s society as communication is only done buy phone through texting or F.B.

Barbering Is The Art.

Of Creating.

Without An Eraser.

Final Cut.

I know women’s hairdresser’s are different in some ways, i call them the telegraph of hot gossip Haha no a fence ladies but if you want to know who or what’s happening in the community, or new shoes and styles of clothes it’s a good place to be. We still chat.. seems different as it’s more on what they have done or doing.. what motors there got under the hood.. today’s music.. AFL or any sport.. what it would be like to have money.. and their work.. the conversation of finance seems to be an interesting one.. and travelling were they have or going on the next trip.

Speaking of trips Reece is on his way to Canada for a few years, he’s going to be missed buy a lot of guys and i say a lot as he has built a great and huge client tell in the last three years at the shop. This is through his style of cutting and not afraid to try any cut at that.. he has a talent of shaping beards which i hear is an art on its own in this industry.. he cuts and shapes with real care and style when he cuts. To show where Reece is i have been in twice in the last month to get a hair cut and beard shaped i have seen up to seven to ten guys waiting every time to get their last cut from a man of high quality in so many ways.

Reece is off to Canada.. leaving Sunday our loss but For Whistler which is 20 minutes out of Pemberton your gain.. as Reece will be working at T.NT Barber an Tattoo shop in Whistler.

Now the great thing is through the friendship i have built up with Reece he has invited me to stay with him and his girlfriend for a while next year at Pemberton, i’m so looking forward to that, but more than any thing it was so good to even offer the gesture.. as i was getting my hair cut and beard shaped yesterday he mentioned several times to make sure i come over and stay with them.. ( Pemberton of Canada here i come Lol ).

I wish Reece and his Lady of his life all the best for there new adventure in Canada hope it all goes so well for you both..Reece i thank you for your friendship and the way you cut my hair with shaping the new beard with care… see ya next year Lol I’m Excited

Life Can Be Up There.

Life Can Be Down There.

Life Can Be Really There.

Life Can Change For The Better.

Life Can Change For The Worse.

Life Is There For You.

Life Is Through..Choice..Chance..Change

Yesterday For Today I made The Three C.s Of Life.

Life Is For Today and Tomorrow.

Life Is For Dreaming, Achieving, Enjoying.. The Good Of Today Is To Use The Experience’s Of Yesterday.



I’m Back..Lol..Not with out problems..Lol..

I refuse to go back to the old me.

I’m becoming a better person using my past experiences

As lessons.

Yes this trip was an interesting one at that in so many ways, work was hard and hot like 43 degrees plus, long days, with pressure we were on a very tight schedule with the roads.

But the most interesting part was being ganged up by three women.. Now short story for some reason these three specimen’s of society have got it in for me. In another short story therefore making life hard on some days it’s not something i’m loosing sleep over but does make the day a bit uncomfortable.

How beautiful it is to stay silent when someone

Excepts you to be enraged.

And thats what i did just stood there thinking when the boss is haven a go at me in a perlite way, knowing were this is coming from and who it’s coming from..

Was i right or wrong id say i’m the only one that would be right with that answer.. What i will say as i listened and looked in the direction of three very evil women, the way they can turn a very harm full thing into a serious matter.

The moral of this every body in our camp had a good belly laugh over the matter and approached the boss on a few of the matter’s brought to his notice with the support off they have got it got all wrong. One thing i have learned at my age it takes all sorts from Men, Women, Kids, grandparents, friends of all nationalities through out the world. With a life time of 61 years it helps to work out on a good level in handling the situations that come into life every now and then with in the response thats comes from you i’m just the one with the lucky ticket to have three bitches in the one camp of 50 plus..Hahaha Lol.

I know who i am and what i stand for in life, don’t go to harm any one or hurt any one for any reason my philosophy is take the person for who they are, not what you want them to be.. i look at this way if you treat me with respect i return the respect in so many ways.. and life is to short to be a angry or create dramas for people that don’t need them. What it showed me even out in the middle of know where you can have people that have nothing better in life but to create problems for others .. and show know respect for who i am.. Thats all good and i keep going forward as for i am who i am and don’t have a problem with that.



At i fly off to my second home Lol.. it feels like that as i’m up there for eight days home for six which is all good. What i love is the way this rough and rugged harsh country just mesmerise you feeling in your another world Hahaha.

It’s such a stunning place to work in, to get away from the city to this makes the job worth while.. sure got to put up with extreme heat, hundreds of fly’s, snakes, scorpions and many more bites to look out for but i believe it’s worth it.

Have a great weekly guys.


Another Change..Lol

They reckon a change is as good as a dollar.. Mmm imagine how many dollars id have over 61 years Lol. We will see were this one goes, the good thing is not only am i changing facial but all so the body image is getting a work on as well through the Keto program which is working well slowly.. but well.

A change can make or break you.

I’m going for the make you.

Iv’e made the Choice for the Chance

To make the Change.


The key to all the changes you make don’t worry what people think or say you’re doing it to improve yourself and make your life happy no one else’s.

At the end of the day you’re doing it.

To like and love you for who you are.

Not what they want you to be.